Relevance #1 email goal


.get 30% more opens and 50% higher CTR

That’s according to Marketing Sherpa’s Benchmark Guide sighting list segmentation as a significant way to improve email campaign performance. 58% of people surveyed said they unsubscribe or delete email due to lack of relevance.

.list segmentation is key

Why? Because the list defines your audience and engaging them with relevant content is always your goal.


Your email provider has everything you need to produce great campaigns, but has limited list management. This is where calc{list}® takes over.

.unlock your treasure

Yes, a treasure of new lists with each campaign! Capturing opens, clicks, bounces, etc. is a great way to build knowledge about your customers and better segment lists.


Only calc{list}® gives you the tools necessary to easily manage all these lists.

Easy List Management


Drag & Drop makes it so easy
Segment and combine lists
Automate your lists
Organize campaign lists
 One-Click list synchronization
  Share lists with others
    Patented calculating lists

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