Back.what is linking?

Linking is the mechanism that you use to create workflow automations. For a full discussion of what you can do with linking go to: Passive Automation.


A link is always between two lists; here we have Step-1 and Step-2 linked with a “minus, plus.” This link copies the contact deleted from Step-1 list to the Step-2 list. With that you have workflow!


.how do i create a link?

You guessed it, drag and drop the list you want to link with. Then set the “plus” and “minus” markers. You can read exactly what the link will do in the description field.


You can have any number of links to many different lists. Adding or deleting a contact on your list could update several other lists. Can you use that kind of time saver?


Calc{link} is the quickest and easiest way to capture the power of true office automation for your business.




.calculate vs. link?

By this time you are probably comfortable with the concept of calculating lists - a parent list containing one or more (member) lists. One change to a member list will update the parent list automatically.


Links are an additional way to automatically change a list. Instead of calculating, contacts are added or deleted as if you performed the action manually.


A contact added with a link becomes a member of the targeted list. A contact added to a list through calculation does not become a member but is included in the final calculated list.

  • List = Changes are immediately calculated to a current Status
  • List = Contact is calculated into the list
  • Link = Changes a list based on an Event
  • Link = Contact is actually added as a member to the list


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