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You will be the Star of your own personal productivity using all the features of calc{list} with Passive Automation.


Calc{list}® brings a new level of productivity to businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations. It’s a personal productivity tool that lets you work your way! Share your lists with others and companywide automation will emerge, increasing the bottom-line!

.i'll take a quick look.


It's like combining a supercharged contact manager, email system and companywide automation tool that is simple to use and requires no programmers.

      Quick Overview

See it in action! This video will give you a quick taste of the major features of calc{list}. Be sure to view the complete set of videos below for a closer look.

        Screen Shots

Calc{list}’s simplicity is its power! It’s so easy to learn and use you will put it to work the very first day; but don’t equate its simplicity of use with the depth of its power.


.want to learn how the full set of features work?

    Calculating People!

It’s a People Revolution! See how you and your team can use calculating lists to better manage projects, mailing lists and more.

    More Cool Features

Want more? Explore how to easily compare two lists. Checkout index cards and trays. Extend the power by sharing your lists!

        Email Automation

Build sophisticated email communication systems. No other software offers this level of email automation so quickly and simply.


   Workflow Automation

What if you could eliminate “busy work”? Calc{list} lets you focus on your work and less on managing, communicating and delegating.

  Protect Your Contacts

Privacy is important for all your contacts. Our fine grained privacy filter called calc{shield} protects all of your contact data.

Capture Social Networks 

Capture your contacts social network with our special “Associates” list. All contacts in calc{list} have an Associates list.


 Maintaining List Integrity

Knowing who added which contacts to your shared list lets you maintain its integrity.

Horse of a Different Color

Use the special View list to put your own wrapper on someone else’s list.

    Pop Out to Desktop

You can pop your lists, index cards and trays out of the application onto your desktop!

.i wonder what others think?

Well I can tell you the biggest draw was we were looking for something that was user friendly and not overly complicated.

I'd seen another demo or two and was afraid that the products I was seeing would not be something just anyone could use, and we need software that our whole company can use.

All the other bells and whistles you offer are icing on the cake! The automation is a WONDERFUL piece, but I'm not sure many people have even dreamed that such a thing exists!

Norma Bartruff    
Office/Benefits Manager   


.perfect for...

  • small and mid-size businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • associations
  • event planners
  • groups, teams & individuals