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Create a calculating list by simply placing one or more lists inside a parent list. The parent list then calculates the result.


Contacts calculate as easily as numbers.

  • Spreadsheet: Sales – Expenses = Profit
  • Calc{list}: Customers + Prospects = Newsletter

A calculated list always returns one and only one instance of a contact. So if a contact is in several lists the contact will still only appear once in the final calculated list.


Changing one number in a spreadsheet can trigger a cascade of recalculation to achieve the final results. It’s the same with calc{list} but with a twist. Add your new customers to the Customers list and instantly the Newsletter list is updated.

So where’s the twist? It’s in sharing lists. Different people can maintain the Customers and Prospects lists while never knowing they are also maintaining the Newsletter list!

.how do i make lists?




















Build a New List in Seconds

  • Drag/drop lists and contacts, set "Remove" or "Absolute" markers, then calculate and you're done!


  • Use other peoples lists to minimize or completely eliminate having to update the list yourself.


  • Use your new list for workflow, email notifications, analysis, people status and more.


  • Share your list with others so they can build new useful lists.


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See how calc{list}® gives you an exciting new way to work with people.