Contact Management

.why think about contacts?


Your contact or email software is no more than a glorified telephone book, which was invented in 1883! For the first time ever you can take advantage of the hidden value lying dormant in your contacts.


.is it a contact manager?

Calc{list}® extends the usefulness of your contacts through calculating lists, email automation and workflow. It does not replace your email or contact management software but gives you and your company a new way to benefit from your relationships.


Do you or your company deal with?

  • Mailing Lists

  • Sales Prospect Lists

  • Donor Lists

  • Coordinating Groups of People for Events

  • Use Spreadsheets for Promotional Lead Activity

  • Find Duplicate Contacts on Mailing Lists

  • Struggle to Keep Contact Data Accurate

Much more than a contact manager!

  • Build Community Knowledge on Contacts

  • Use Calculating Lists to Reduce List Management Time and Expense

  • Capture Social Networks Between People for Networking Your Relationships

  • Enhance Communications with Automated Email

  • Create Workflows Between People to Improve Productivity

.do i email with it?

Calc{list} makes it easy to send email to groups large or small. You can send an email to all the people in a list with a click of a button. It uses your default email program to send the email so you can manage the process normally.

Now here’s where your emails really get going!
Calc{list} can send emails automatically when a list changes. It sends your predefined email “Welcome New Customer” simply because the customer was added to a list. This is the power of calc{mail}!

.wow, i can capture social networks?

Capturing your contact’s social network can help your company leverage relationships like never before. Calc{list} makes capturing those associations a breeze.

When you discover two people are friends, simply drag and drop both their names to the dialog box and type “Friends”. Now you have captured their relationship for future reference.

Every contact in calc{list} has an Associates list that is accessible to everyone. Want to know more about someone you're meeting for the first time? Open their Associates list and you have already begun to capitalize on that relationship.

.i wonder what others think?

Well I can tell you the biggest draw was we were looking for something that was user friendly and not overly complicated.

I'd seen another demo or two and was afraid that the products I was seeing would not be something just anyone could use, and we need software that our whole company can use.

All the other bells and whistles you offer are icing on the cake! The automation is a WONDERFUL piece, but I'm not sure many people have even dreamed that such a thing exists!

Norma Bartruff    
Office/Benefits Manager   


.perfect for...

  • small and mid-size businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • associations
  • event planners
  • groups, teams & individuals