Simple CRM


Leery of solutions that require
your employees to learn “300 easy procedures”?

.what is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the processes a company uses to track, organize and serve its contacts with its current and prospective customers.

.what's the problem?

CRM implementation is costly and complex. Its success relies on a lot of planning, training and people -- let alone re-molding your company to conform to its requirements. For many companies it’s just plain overkill. Calc{list} is a simpler more natural solution.

.how can i serve my customers better?

The best way to nurture your prospects and customers is to meet their individual needs. With calc{list}® you can quickly implement formal customer tracking and automations, then tailor customer specific requirements when they’re needed.


Selecting a CRM system can be frustrating. Ultimately, you are choosing a methodology for your company to follow; and good luck figuring out the nuances of the top ten systems. Wouldn’t it be better to pick and choose what works for you?


Calc{list} lets you create your own custom CRM solution in a much more organic and collaborative way. You and your team build simple small task automations, without programmers, that reflect the CRM techniques that best fit your needs.


For some, a big CRM system is the answer, but explore calc{list} and you may find that its power and simplicity are the most cost effective way to meet your customers needs.

.do i really need CRM?

The cost of complexity is the true barrier to CRM adoption. Just looking at CRM solutions you instantly know the “soft costs” will far outweigh the cost of the software. Even large companies struggle with justifying the return on investment.


In contrast, calc{list}’s power is in its simplicity. Actually, it’s so easy we had to create a new term; “Passive Automation”. When user created workflows are shared they instantly result in companywide automation. No planning or programmers are necessary!


Most companies prefer software that adapts to their needs. Combine your customer’s needs, solid marketing techniques and calc{list}; and you’ll have the custom CRM system you’ve been looking for.

.cool, but i already use CRM

That's great, but could you do even more? Now you're ready to fill the gaps - the fringe areas that your CRM doesn't address but you know would make you be more productive.


Perhaps you have scores of promotional lead generation spreadsheets that would be far better handled in calc{list}. Maybe you need an easy way to capture and combine persona lists or you just realize the incredible things you can do with calculating lists!







.what can it do for me?

See how calc{list}® gives you an exciting new way to work with people.








For the end user, 4 features are 6 times as complex as 2 – not twice as complex. That’s why businesses are always trying to find ways to simplify.