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Back.automate how?

Example: You have a 2 step process for customers

  • Create a Step-1 and Step-2 list.


  • Create a “minus, plus” link between them with drag and drop. Done!


  • Customer Step-1 needs to be performed, just drag their name to the list.


  • Later, Step-1 is completed. Delete name from Step-1 and it is automatically added to Step-2.

That is a simple example of a personal workflow automation using calc{link}. Now what if a co-worker performs Step-3? Add a “minus, plus” link to your Step-2 list that targets their Step-3 list. You’ve just started a companywide automation! 

.what did i start?

Adding a Step-3 calc{link} created a companywide workflow automation! Calc{list}® lets you share your lists with others. You’re in control of exactly who can View and Edit your lists. Because Blue and Green shirts are sharing their lists, your workflow is much more powerful.








Expand your workflow further by creating a link to Blue shirt's list so that when he places a new customer in his list it automatically adds the new customer to your Step-1.


Finally, by setting up a calc{mail} on your Step-1 list you will be instantly notified when there has been a new customer added. This is the type of personal productivity improvement you’ve been looking for!

.i see the benefits!

Monday morning; you check your lists to see where to start. You decide to finish the customers in Step-2. You delete customers from your Step-2 list as you complete your work. No need to find, call or email Green shirt to start Step-3. It was done automatically.


Suddenly you receive a calc{mail}, it says “Mr. Big” customer was just added to your Step-1 list. You know you need to get on that now! So you work “Mr. Big” quickly through Steps 1 & 2. Great, lunch time! Upon your return you check your lists to see where to start…


.are you ready to make your business more competitive?

All this automation and it took less than 5 minutes!  30-day Free trial


Have you ever been
in trouble because someone
“Dropped the Ball”?


Eliminating miscommunication, forgotten tasks and preventable errors is exactly what Passive Automation can do for you and your staff.


Your big accounting system, CRM system and production systems will keep things pretty well on track. It’s the seemingly endless small tasks that get lost in your daily priorities.


This is where calc{list} comes to the rescue!


.perfect for...

  • small and mid-size businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • associations
  • event planners
  • groups, teams & individuals