expanded automate passive i have time for this?

No! That’s why Passive Automation is so exciting. Not only can you create a new workflow in less than 5 minutes, but by sharing lists your entire company will become infused with small task automations that quietly help everyone be more productive.


It’s the power of emergence; like social networking, many individual connections lead to the creation of a larger global structure. Your shared lists can be a part of someone else’s workflow. It’s “passive” because you may not be aware of your participation.


Passive Automation delivers the incredible power of office automation without the traditional overhead, complexity or cost. It turns the top-down automation process
upside-down by enabling the workforce to automate itself!

.how do i work without knowing it?

Extending our earlier example, you can see that Purple shirt has taken advantage of your Step-1 list. When you delete a customer from your Step-1 you are “passively” sending email to vendors. Purple shirt also got a great head start on his own activities!












.i can extend workflow outside my company?

Imagine your vendors being instantly notified of your needs or customers being automatically informed of their order progress and status.


Anyone can be included in your workflows! This is possible because calc{mail} can send emails automatically when a list changes. Extending your workflows beyond your company borders can have a tremendous impact on customer service and overall productivity.


.you decide! not your boss or management

Yeah, you see it now; for the first time you can automate your activities the way you want to! You don’t have to get approval to be more efficient. You don’t have them telling you how doing it their way is best for you. Get started now with calc{list}’s 30-day Free trial.


Have you ever been
in trouble because someone
“Dropped the Ball”?


Eliminating miscommunication, forgotten tasks and preventable errors is exactly what Passive Automation can do for you and your staff.


Your big accounting system, CRM system and production systems will keep things pretty well on track. It’s the seemingly endless small tasks that get lost in your daily priorities.


This is where calc{list} comes to the rescue!


.perfect for...

  • small and mid-size businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • associations
  • event planners
  • groups, teams & individuals