specifics_roles do i use roles?

The role defines a person’s relationship to the list subject, its title. So, in the Newsletter list Daniel is the “Editor” while he is also the “Marketing Manager” in Employee list.


You can type in any role for any contact in the list.
Calc{list} keeps track of the roles you’ve already used so you never have to retype an existing role again.

.what else can i do?

How about comparing any two lists! Compare one with another and gain insights into the which contacts are common in both lists.


Want to see all the customers receiving the Newsletter? Simply drag and drop the Customer list onto the roles target.


You can even save the Customer list as the role. So, the next time you open the Newsletter list it's already displaying customers in the role column.





.can i see how many people are in a list?


Calc{list} keeps track of all your edits until you save the list. This allows you to see who has been added or deleted from your list.


Want to see how many members are in your list? Check the statistics.








Roles and statistics are just two more powerful features of calc{list} with Passive Automation. Download the 30-day Free Trial now. No registration necessary!