specific_sharing do I share a list?

Sharing lists is super easy! Choose from four levels of privileges when you want to share you lists; View, Sponsor, Edit and Full.


The four privilege tabs at the bottom of a list are actually lists themselves! This means you can take advanatage of the full calculating abilities of lists to manage share your lists.


For example, if you want to allow someone to add or remove members on your list drop their name into the Edit tab. Give your Staff access to your list by dropping the “Staff” list into the View tab.



List Privilege Levels

  • View – can see the list but not edit or change it in any way.
  • Sponsor – can add contacts but only delete members which they added.
  • Edit – can add or delete any list members.
  • Full – adds the ability to set privileges and rename the list.

.set privileges first?


You can also set your list privileges when you’re creating a new list. Share as many of your lists as possible so others can use them in their workflow automations.











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