specifics_import can i import my contacts?

As you would expect, calc{list} makes it easy to import and export your contacts. There are also unique safeguards to protect and maintain your contact data integrity.


Three ways to connect!

  • CSV – this industry standard format lets you import from virtually any source such as MS Outlook.


  • vCard – import and export with this popular web based standard for contacts.


  • clex – use this calc{list} exchange format for the best performance when exchanging contacts with other calc{list} users.


.prevent duplicate contacts on import


Keeping your contact data accurate and up to date is very important.


Calc{list} includes an advanced duplicate preventions system during contact import. It checks several key data points and displays potential duplicates if they are found.




.prevent unauthorized contact exporting

It is important today to maintain people’s privacy including their contact information.
Calc{list} has a unique contact security system called calc{shield}.







Calc{shield} takes advantage of calc{list}'s calculating lists to restrict who and which data fields can be viewed, emailed or exported. This gives you unprecedented control over your company and business contact data.


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