What if you could automate
5%, 10%, 25% or more of your company emails?

.why would i need to automate email?

How about increasing sales? Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic. How about keeping people automatically informed? That saves you and your company time and money.

  • Create relevant targeted email marketing campaigns.


  • Send emails automatically as project milestones are reached.


  • Automate vendor re-order notifications.


  • Build custom automated response email systems.


  • Send emails to yourself to notify you when lists have changed.


  • Automate repetitive emails like “Welcome New Customer.”


  • Deliver company newsletters with Opt-In and Opt-Out control.

Combining calc{list}’s calculating lists, linking, and email you can build sophisticated workflow and email communication systems. No other software offers this level of email automation so quickly and simply.

.how does it work?

Calc{mail} sends your predefined emails automatically when a list has been changed. Adding or deleting a person to a list or member list will cause the list to recalculate and send all emails associated with the list.

  • Send several different emails from one calc{list}.


  • Trigger emails by a contact addition, deletion or both.


  • Send to single contacts or multiple people using calc{list}s.


  • Insert data such as the full name of the recipient for personalization.


  • Automatically include which contacts were added or deleted.



.can i see it in action?


.perfect for...

  • small and mid-size businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • associations
  • event planners
  • groups, teams & individuals