Do only authorized personnel have access to your important customers private phone numbers? You sure?

.can i really do this?

The solution is a fine grained privacy filter called calc{shield} which protects all of your contact data. No other privacy filtering system can compete because calc{shield} leverages the power of calculating lists to define a contact’s privacy level.

.what do you mean by "fine grained"?

What if you could allow just one person in your company to see the private phone number of your best client? How would you like to restrict access to private numbers of all your top clients to only the executive staff? This is fine grain control.


Calc{shield} uses calculating lists for total control of contact data.

  • Use lists to define who can have access to which fields (like home address).


  • Use lists to define groups of contacts with the same field restrictions.


  • Use lists to define contextual logic for data field access.


  • Restrictions are enforced on all the various features calc{list} like email and export.


This dialog box shows that the example company Platinum Products is preventing their employees from viewing each other’s Social Security Number and Address. It’s using the Platinum Products employee list twice to accomplish the goal.


.automatic updating makes it all easy!

As you can see in the screen shot above, calc{shield} permits unlimited fine grained control over individual fields. Just drag and drop existing lists to define the entire access level structure.


The best part is that once you have calc{shield} set up it virtually maintains itself! For instance if a new manager is hired and placed in the “Managers” list they instantly have the correct access level for the company’s contacts.