Passive Automation


Focusing on people’s activities instead of data significantly reduces the costs and complexity of automating your company!


.contacts and automation?

Can you describe any activity in your business without mentioning people? Try it. It’s impossible. Ultimately all activities, information and products are associated with a “who.”


    It's All About the "Who?"

  • Who is going to make the sales calls?
  • Who requested further information?
  • Whose order do I need to work on next?
  • Who is working on which projects?


When you start to think of the “who” in this way you begin to see that automating people's activities is as powerful as automating data.

Expand Example .automate how?

Example: You have a 2 step process for customers

  • Create a Step-1 and Step-2 list.


  • Create a “minus, plus” link between them with drag and drop. Done!


  • Customer Step-1 needs to be performed, just drag their name to the list.


  • Later, Step-1 is completed. Delete name from Step-1 and it automatically is added to Step-2.

That is a simple example of a personal workflow automation using calc{link}. Now what if a co-worker performs Step-3? Add a “minus, plus” link to your Step-2 list that targets their Step-3 list. You’ve just started a companywide automation! 

Expand i have time for this?

No! That’s why Passive Automation is so exciting. Not only can you create a new workflow in less than 5 minutes, but by sharing lists your entire company will become infused with small task automations that quietly help everyone be more productive.


It’s the power of emergence; like social networking, many individual connections lead to the creation of a larger global structure. Your shared lists can be a part of someone else’s workflow. It’s “passive” because you may not be aware of your participation.


Passive Automation delivers the incredible power of office automation without the traditional overhead, complexity or cost. It turns the top-down automation process
upside-down by enabling the workforce to automate itself!


.true workflow automation made simple

Clearly there is no simpler way to add workflow automation to your entire company. Stop being bogged down by “busy work” and get started with calc{list}’s 30-day Free trial.