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Team is undergoing

a major upgade

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.what about extra licenses?


Get your team started all at once or purchase additional user licenses as you need them. The more users you have the greater the opportunities for workflow automation to emerge companywide. Make your business more productive today!



Per Aditional User

Add as Needed

Onsite Training and Installation Available:

Do you need calc{list} Team set up and installed for you? Would you like onsite training to get your team going fast; or maybe your team could use advanced training that explores the finer points of Passive Automation? Contact us for more information.

Onsite Workflow and Automation Planning Available:

Start your automation off right with our professional workflow development and documentation. Let us work with your team to design, implement and integrate calc{list} workflows with your existing processes. It’s a great way to get started and watch Passive Automation take over from there.

         30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


calc{list} Team Requirements:


Team requires a Windows 2003 Server or later where calc{list} will install MS SQL Sever 2005 Express.


If your team is larger than the SQL Express limit SQL Server 2005 must be purchased separately.


Installation should be performed by an experienced administrator.



Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win7 32bit & 64bit

1GB Ram, 1GB Disk, Pentium



Per Windows 2003 & SQL Server recomendations.


.i wonder what others think?

Well I can tell you the biggest draw was we were looking for something that was user friendly and not overly complicated.

I'd seen another demo or two and was afraid that the products I was seeing would not be something just anyone could use, and we need software that our whole company can use.

All the other bells and whistles you offer are icing on the cake! The automation is a WONDERFUL piece, but I'm not sure many people have even dreamed that such a thing exists!

Norma Bartruff    
Office/Benefits Manager