software assurance


Software Assurance Plan


Our Software Assurance plan provides you access to all major and minor upgrades at no further cost for a period of 1 year. Additionally, your Software Assurance plan includes a support account giving you full access to our support forums and email technical support.

Our upgrades will include exciting new features as well as feature enhancements that make calc{list} even more powerful and easy to use.

Your support account allows you to add topics and fully participate in our support community forums. The support community forums are a great place to get questions answered and to share ideas. Our support team also participates in finding solutions to problems and providing examples.

We are committed to providing excellent customer support. Your support account gives you access to email support. The support team  will respond to your questions normally within one business day.

Software Assurance can only be purchased at the time you purchase or upgrade
calc{list}. You will be able to renew your software assurance plan annually at the time of expiration.

Without Software Assurance you will have access to the support community and any software patches issued.